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Toilet Talks
Nvard Yerkanian for Fine Acts

Toilets, another thing that connects us

“The toilet is an amazing resource!” Few people announce that with such enthusiasm. For award-winning musician and songwriter Okyeame Kwame, going against the grain is not unusual, it’s celebrated—especially when it comes to issues of the heart.

A passionate advocate, activist and father, the Rap Doctor (as he is sometimes called) is known to put his lyrical words into action: raising public awareness for climate action as a Climate Change Ambassador or using his namesake Foundation to provide Hepatitis B screenings and education in communities across his home country of Ghana. To Okyeame, being morally upright is about individual change and commitment.

It's therefore no surprise that his activism also extends to the realm of water and sanitation. Through his music, activism and this interview, Okyeame shines a light on what connects and unites us—including our need for toilets. Toilets are indeed an amazing resource and one that is detrimentally underappreciated. Nearly half the world doesn’t have access to a decent one. Globally we celebrate their importance and highlight the need to ensure everyone has access to them.

Screaming the wonders of a safe toilet might not be conventional, but maybe it should be?

Illustration credits: Nvard Yerkanian for Fine Acts


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