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You have to ask for what you want

A journalist and anchorwoman at NOS and radio host of Met het oog op morgen, Simone Weimans is one of the most recognised faces of the Netherlands. In her frank conversation with Ikenna, she reveals her initial hesitations and vulnerabilities as a young journalist trying to make an advance in her career. Her insight, “to ask for what you want,” is a practice that admittedly might sound simple, Simone shares, but is far too often underused, especially by women. Research suggests that doing so remains a social taboo, sometimes having a detrimental effect on professional negotiations of the women who even try.  

Despite this barrier, an inconvenient reality remains: many times, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Advocacy is a gateway to change. Breaking the bias and imagining a gender equal world, where women are proactive agents for the change they want to see, needs women that are empowered to speak freely and openly. 

Featured are the responses of five powerful female voices who champion for the right to water and sanitation. Read below what they have to say in response to Simone Weiman’s Toilet Talks episode.

Illustration credits: Amplify Women's Voices by Cecilia Castelli